Granular Fertilizer for Agriculture

TerraLink Horticulture Inc is British Columbia’s leading blending facility and distributor of granular fertilizer. The strategically located blending and packaging facilities at Abbotsford and Chilliwack, along with retail store locations at Delta and Calgary, enable us to efficiently service farming and other accounts throughout Western Canada. TerraLink maintains a long-standing reputation and history within its market.

Located within an hour of the Port of Vancouver, BC, and less than a day’s transportation from major Washington and Oregon ports, TerraLink is well placed to import fertilizer ingredients, and to export finished fertilizer products, from and to any part of the Pacific Rim.

All major blending ingredients and simples are available, in direct sales or in blends, through TerraLink and our blending facilities. Specialty additives include stabilized nitrogen and Avail Phosphate Enhancer

Name SDS Label
0-0-0+90S --
0-0-22+ 22S+11 Mg --
0-0-50 + 17S --
0-0-62 Muriate of Potash --
0-11-22 +5CA+ 5MG+10S +.03ZN WT Fall Berry Blend --
0-15-0 Earthlink Guano Soft Rock Phosphate
0-45-0 Triple Super Phosphate --
10-34-10 + 3S Seedbed / Plant Starter --
11-18-14 +9S+ Micros --
11-52-0 --
11-52-0 --
11-52-0 MAP --
12-12-18 +8S+3.5Mg + Micros Raspberry Blend --
13-16-10 +11S All Purpose Blend --
14-28-6 + 7S+3 Mg+ Micros --
15-15-17+Micros --
15-8-11 +5.2MG +10S +.1FE +.02B +.01ZN WT 50%SN --
16-16-16 + Micros All Purpose Caneberry Blend --
18-18-18 + 3S Balanced Blend --
18-9-9 Standard Blueberry Blend --