TerraLink is the exclusive western Canadian distributor for Agro-K Liquid Foliar Fertilizer, sold locally under the local TigerClaw brand. Designed for superior uptake and availability, TigerClaw products provide producers with the necessary tools to address plant nutritional needs based on physiology and peak nutrient demand. Used at the correct timing and as part of a complete fertilizer program based on soil-applied sources of major, secondary and minor nutrients, TigerClaw products can enhance crop quality and return on investment.


Name SDS Label
23-0-0 250 U.S. gallon shuttle
AgSil 25
Blueberry Standard Premix
EarthLink Calcium
EarthLink Calcium
Eco Boron
Fall Blueberry Platinum Premix
Greenfeed 28-0-0
High N Berry Premix
KTS 0-0-25+17S
Liquid UAN 32
Minors Mix
New Blueberry Premix
Parka - Crop Cuticle Supplement
pHortress 0-21-24
Pre-Bloom Premix
Silamol - Potassium Silicate