Plant Products

TerraLink Horticulture Inc is proud to offer Plant-Prod® Water Soluble Fertilizer in British Columbia and Western Canada. We are part of a Distribution Partnership that provides coast to coast national availability of the highest quality in water soluble plant nutrition. Plant-Prod® Fertilizer, Plant-Prod® Solutions and other Plant-Prod® brands are stocked at our Abbotsford, Delta and Calgary warehouses. Considered the standard for quality and consistency in many countries, Plant-Prod® represents the ultimate in solubility. It contains only nutrients that are required by plants. Undesirable elements and compounds, such as chlorides, are not found in Plant-Prod® at agronomic levels.

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Name SDS Label
21-53-0 DAP Water Soluble --
Plant Prod 0-38-38 Berry Drip
Plant Prod 10-52-10
PLANT PROD 11-41-8
PLANT PROD 12-0-12
PLANT PROD 12-17-29
PLANT PROD 12-2-14 Optimum
PLANT PROD 14-0-14 Balance
PLANT PROD 15-0-20
PLANT PROD 15-15-30
PLANT PROD 15-30-15
PLANT PROD 17-5-17
PLANT PROD 17-5-17
PLANT PROD 18-6-20
PLANT PROD 19-0-19
PLANT PROD 20-20-20
PLANT PROD 20-5-30 Super K
PLANT PROD 20-8-20
PLANT PROD 20-8-20
PLANT PROD 28-14-14