Respirators & Cartridges:

We supply the Honeywell brand of respirators. We stock half-face masks, full face masks, dust masks, as well as cartridges and filters for all sizes.

Respirator Upgrade Exchange Program

If you need a new respirator, or need parts, you can instead upgrade by taking advantage of Honeywell’s Respirator Exchange Program. For every old respirator of a different brand, TerraLink will take it back, and on behalf of our supplier, exchange it for a new Honeywell respirator of the same size. The old respirator must be in good working condition to qualify for the program. 

It is critical that your respirator be in good working condition. It is one of the most important components of your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To download a brochure on how to check, use and maintain your respirator, click here.

Name SDS Label
Cartridge Multi-Contaminant Survivair
Cartridge P100 Survivair
Dust Filters Survivair
Half Face Mask - Large
Half Face Mask - Medium
Half Face Mask - Small
Half Mask Respirator- NORTH Low Maintenance
Mask Cartridge Connectors - NORTH
Mask Cartridge NORTH - Combo Multi Gas PS100
Mask Cartridge NORTH Filter Combo - AM MA +P100
Mask Cartridge NORTH Organic Vapor +P100
Mask Filter Retainer for 7506R95, N95, N99
Mask Full Face Respirator - NORTH
Mask Head Trap for Opti-Fit Mask
Mask Pre-Filter Oil Resistant
Mask Respirator Cartridge NORTH - Organic Vapor
Mask Respirator Filter NORTH - Pancake P100
Mesh Dust Mask - CSA
Mesh Dust Mask - CSA
Mesh Dust Mask - Thin