AC-POLY 4.25x170x50Mu

  • SKU:3764046

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A specially treated film for screens in glasshouses, high transparency and anti-condensation properties last for several weeks. Light transmission is 83%, even after 6 weeks of use! The anti-fog treatment lasts for about 10 - 12 weeks. this film was tested in I.M.A.G. Wageningen and testing station Naaldwijk. Depending on the kind of vegetable in the greenhouse, we advise to include a perforation in the film to facilitate air movement. Benefits to AC Poly include: heat loss reduction as water vapour barrier forms on screen above crop, improved humidity and crop control, change in long wave radiation to short wave radiation which penetrates deeper into the crop and is a more usable form of light for the plants. Please give us a call for availability. 20X20 PERFS/UNFOLDED

Many other sizes are available via special order. Please call your sales representative for details.