Novagryl Regular

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Manufactured in 3 combined layers of polypropylene filaments, Novagryl is a stronger product at 19 grams per square meter. It has 70% more stretch than normal fleeces, which reduces interference with crop foliage – ideal for quick-growing plants. Rolls over 10 M wide include reinforced edges and are called Novagryl Plus. Various lengths and widths available. Use ourre-usable and refillable bunker bags filled with crushed limestone or fill of your choice to hold the fabric in place until you need to remove it.

Strength / Weight: 19 grams / m2
Name Size (kb)
Information Sheet 156
Novagryl 6.6 x 250 m
A protective crop cover also known as floating row cover. Novagryl can be placed on fields to protect crops from frost damage, insects or wind damage. Novagryl is white in color and made of polypropylene strands that are arranged in a random fashion. Novagryl can be reused.

6.6 x 250 m