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TerraLink provides growers with a wide range of fertilizers, seeds, agrochemicals, equipment, plastics, amendments and other inputs. TerraLink is British Columbia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of fertilizer, seed and crop protection products. We strive to improve farm productivity by offering superior fertilizers and other crop input technologies with unparalleled agronomic support. The strategically located blending and packaging facility at Abbotsford along with store locations at Delta and Calgary enable us to efficiently service Western Canada.

TerraLink’s proprietary products are marketed with leading brand names and the company maintains a long-standing reputation and history within its market. TerraLink operates as a convenient, one-stop outlet for growers of forage, fruit, vegetable, turf, ornamental, and greenhouse crops. Services include custom spreading, vineyard, spraying, and soil fumigation. Rental equipment is available for handling bulk fertilizer and lime.


Fertilizer Manufacturer

Leading fertilizer manufacturer and distributor of granular, liquid and water soluble fertilizers and soil amendments in Western Canada.


Product Range

Our wide range of products and services reflect our mission to remain the agronomic leader in assisting producers to maximize profitability.


Modern Laboratory

Fully equipped lab with advanced analytical instruments for soil testing and to determine the quality of raw materials and finished products.


Customer Service

Agriculture qualified staff and trained customer service team to provide excellent customer service.


TerraLink - Grow with us


Part of the farming community since 1973, TerraLink first took root as a fertilizer supplier to Fraser Valley dairy, vegetable and berry farms under the name Coast Agri Crop Supplies. The last two decades were witness to our expansion into Commercial greenhouse, turf, nursery, ornamentals, forestry, garden centres, landscape and organic markets.


TerraLink Horticulture Inc is now considered a leading manufacturer and retailer of crop input products in Western Canada. We provide farmers, production managers and professional growers with a wide range of fertilizers, seeds, crop protection products, equipment, plastics, amendments and other inputs, directly or through distribution networks.



  • Best Service!

    We are growers of organic vegetables specializing in heirloom tomatoes. We continue to be impressed with the organic fertilizers and technical support we receive from TerraLink Horticulture                                         Randy, Bakerbreeze Greenhouses

  • BMR Corn, a real game changer!

    The BMR corn gives me a new management tool that makes it a real game changer to my operation. The big plus is that the exta milk is coming from my forage and not the purchased grain, contributing to a healthier feed ration while saving money.                                                   - Bob Matzek, Westar Holsteins

  • TigerClaw Fertilizer

    I use TigerClaw liquid fertilizers for superior berry quality and shelf life.                                                                       - Mandeep Abbotsford, BC