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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of common questions from customers like you to help you find a quick answer to your queries.

How do I open my account with TerraLink?

To start a new account, fill up an ACCOUNT APPLICATION. Please call our office and speak with our credit department if you have any questions regarding the information required on this application form.

Does obtaining an account mean I have to have a charge account?

Not necessarily. If you desire to charge on account when you purchase crop supplies from TerraLink, tick the “credit” box where it says “Application Type” at the top right corner of the front page of the application. Fill in the appropriate information on the form like any other credit application form. A credit or charge account is not necessary in order for you to buy crop supplies from TerraLink, however. Tick the “cash” box under “Application Type”, and you may purchase on a cash basis.

What is the benefit of having a customer account with Terralink?

Whether you choose to have a charge account or a non-charging account with TerraLink, when you ask for an account, we will ask you for certain details of personal information. Under the appropriate laws, we would seek your authorization to make use of your personal information, which is of course explained to you when you fill out the form. Some of the data we ask you for is what type of producer you are and the size of your commercial operation. As you may have noticed, we hope that one of our strengths is the ability to provide you with technical production information from time to time. If we know what it is you grow, we can tailor that technical information to suit what it is you may be interested in. For example, if you grow greenhouse flowers, we wouldn’t then send you information about dairy farming.

What is the best way to search for a product online?

You can quickly glance over the main categories to see where the products may be under using the hover function. If you still have difficulty finding a product, the easiest thing is to type the name of the product in the search box. If you put an asterisk after the word, for example, 'terra*' it should show up everything with 'terra' in it.

What is a MSDS/SDS and how do I get one?

A safety data sheet is a technical document which provides detailed and comprehensive information on a controlled product related to: 

-health effects of exposure to the product
-hazard evaluation related to the product’s handling, storage or use
-measure to protect workers at risk of exposure
-emergency procedures

Type product name in search box to find SDS for any product. If you cannot find a SDS, please call our office.

Where do you deliver products?

We deliver world-wide as long as product is registered for use in in your area and all applicable documentation is in place. Freight charges may apply.

Can I buy chemical without a licence?    
TerraLink follows BCPMRI regulations concerning pesticide sales. Correct documention must be in place. Please refer to ….

Do you have a minimum for free delivery ?    
We do not offer free delivery. The delivery fee depends on the area it is to be delivered, the total cost of the order, and the weight of the order. Delivery typically ranges from 15$ to 50$.

Do you take credit cards?    
We take Mastercard, Visa and Debit cards. 

Do you sell to the public?     
We sell to the general public.

Where can I buy your products?     
We have a number of dealers across Canada and a location in Lynden Washington. For a complete list of dealers please refer to our website.

Can you send me a pricelist?     
We do not have a price list but we can send you a quote with pricing.

Do you do soil and tissue analysis ?    
Yes we do, we offer many different types of testing at different pricing levels. Most soil and water sample tests are carried out in our lab at the Abbotsford location. For some water tests, samples are sent to an independent labs for analysis. We will provide the results to you via email. We do fertilizer recommendations with a fee as an additional service as well.

Are you open on statutory holidays?     
All TerraLink locations are closed on statutory holidays.

Can my friend buy on my account?     
We do not allow cross customer use of accounts unless we have expressed permission from the account holder.

Where can I pick up my order?     
We have a number of locations in the fraser valley and a location in Lynden, Washington. Please talk to the sales desk person about locations when you place your order. 

Where are you located?     
Our main location is at 464 Riverside Rd in Abbotsford, and we have smaller locations in Delta, Calgary, Alberta and Lynden, Washington.

Do you recycle old pesticide or fertilizer containers? If so what steps do I need to take?     
We will accept used pesticide and fertilizer containers if they are completely empty, rinsed three times, and punctured.

Are Terralink and Biofert the same?     
Terralink owns and operates Biofert which is responsible for the organic fertilizer production and marketing for Terralink. 

Are organic products safe for my pets? (Some Orginique labels says pet friendly)    
All organic products are as safe for pets as compost tends to be. When applied to plants responsibly, following label instructions where applicable, all of our products are safe for pets.

Why are there no prices on your website?    
Our prices are heavily dependant on the cost of materials which fluctuate throughout the year. It is not feasible for us to  update every item on our website in a timely and reliable way.

Can I order online?    
Not at this time.

Why do I need to bring in a PAC or equivalent if I bought pesticide without it last week?    
The information we had on file expired and was subsequently removed from our system. All documentation must be current to be of use for purchasing commercially restricted products, such as pesticides, from Terralink.

How is X chemical (like MCPA) different from Y (Trillion)?    
Ultimately the answer is always that they have different labels with different legal uses and application rates. More specific answers are available on a case by case basis if asked to a sales representative or in store. 

Can you bring in more of X for me?    
Yes, for most items we restock on a regular basis but when prompted by a customer a restock often happens sooner than it would have. 

Why must we provide documentation here to purchase certain chemicals when they can be bought elsewhere without it?    
All pesticides for sale at Terralink are in commercial sizes and concentrations. These always require documentation for sale within BC as per BCPMRI regulations. We do not carry the domestic variant of our pesticides, which do not require documentation.

Why don’t we provide smaller container sizes for the more common products?    
Many of the commercially restricted products we sell are unavailable from suppliers in smaller sizes. During the process that allows a pesticide to be legally used in Canada the manufacturer must determine what size container the pesticide will be available in. They determine whether smaller sizes will be produced. 

Can I send my product order to you via email?
Yes! Send your order form to: sales @

How can I get a copy of an Invoice, Statement or Payment Receipt?
Call 604-864-9044 and ask for Account Receivable OR Contact us through our website contact form with subject: Account receivable 

My quoted price differs from my invoice. Who do I contact?
Contact Sharon at 604-864-9044-Ext 1119 or contact us through our website contact form.

I have a question regarding pallets. Who can help me with this? 
Contact Lee-Anne at 604-864-9044-Ext 1319 or through our website contact form. 

The quantity of products delivered differs from my invoice. Who do I contact?
Contact Brett at 604-864-9044-Ext 1302 or through our website contact form.

I have a question about the GST/PST on my invoices. Who do I contact?
Call 604-864-9044 and ask for Account Receivable OR contact us through our website contact form with subject: Account receivable

I would like to make a payment over the phone.  Who do I contact?
Contact reception at 604-864-9044

How do I setup an account.  Who do I contact?
We have two different account types. Cash (prepayment only) or credit (apply to hold terms with Terralink). Simply go to the website address and fill out & submit the applicable completed application to the email address on the form.

I need to update my account information (address, phone number, etc.)  Who do I contact?
Call 604-864-9044 and ask for Account Receivable OR contact us through our website contact form with subject: Account receivable

Is it possible to have my Statements and Invoices emailed to me instead of regular mail?
YES! Call 604-864-9044 and ask for Account Receivable OR contact us through our website contact form with subject: Account receivable

What payment methods do you accept?
Cash, Cheque, Visa, MasterCard, Debit Card and wire transfer

How do I set up Wire transfer?
Call 604-864-9044 and ask for Account Receivable with your order number and request the banking instructions OR contact us through our website contact form with subject: Account receivable

How do I exempt my invoices from PST?
If you are a farmer; we will require a copy of the farmer’s exemption to be recorded on file. Several documents are applicable for exemption such as:
i.    A Certificate of Farmers Exemption or
ii.    A Certificate of General Exemption or
A Property Tax Summary showcasing a portion of the property classified as Class 9 “Farm”
If you are not a farmer, but are a reseller, we simply require your 8-digit BC PST number 
If none of the above apply to your situation then, sorry your order will likely be PST taxable.

How do I contact you about an error or missing document on your website?
Contact us through our website contact form with subject: Webmaster