Frequently Asked Questions

List of common questions from customers
1: How do I open my account with TerraLink?

To start a new account, fill up an ACCOUNT APPLICATION. Please call our office and speak with our credit department if you have any questions regarding the information required on this application form.

2: Does obtaining an account mean I have to have a charge account?

Not necessarily. If you desire to charge on account when you purchase crop supplies from TerraLink, tick the “credit” box where it says “Application Type” at the top right corner of the front page of the application. Fill in the appropriate information on the form like any other credit application form. A credit or charge account is not necessary in order for you to buy crop supplies from TerraLink, however. Tick the “cash” box under “Application Type”, and you may purchase on a cash basis.

3: What is the benefit of having a customer account with TerraLink?

Whether you choose to have a charge account or a non-charging account with TerraLink, when you ask for an account, we will ask you for certain details of personal information. Under the appropriate laws, we would seek your authorization to make use of your personal information, which is of course explained to you when you fill out the form. Some of the data we ask you for is what type of producer you are and the size of your commercial operation. As you may have noticed, we hope that one of our strengths is the ability to provide you with technical production information from time to time. If we know what it is you grow, we can tailor that technical information to suit what it is you may be interested in. For example, if you grow greenhouse flowers, we wouldn’t then send you information about dairy farming.

4: What is the best way to search for a product online?

You can quickly glance over the main categories to see where the products may be under using the hover function. If you still have difficulty finding a product, the easiest thing is to type the name of the product in the search box. If you put an asterisk after the word, for example, 'terra*' it should show up everything with 'terra' in it.

5: What is a MSDS/SDS and how do I get one?

A material safety data sheet is a technical document which provides detailed and comprehensive information on a controlled product related to: 

  • -health effects of exposure to the product
  • -hazard evaluation related to the product’s handling, storage or use
  • -measure to protect workers at risk of exposure
  • -emergency procedures

Click the link Labels & SDS to find SDS for any product. If you cannot find a SDS, please call our office.