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TerraLink Horse & Pasture - Helpful Information

TerraLink carries the supplies and products for your hobby farm at either our TerraLink Abbotsford or our Delta location. Seed, weed control, disinfectants and other crop needs.
We occasionally produce helpful tips or bulletins to help maintain an optimal pasture for your Horses. Below are some examples.

Forage Seed Product Guide
How to Improve a Pasture
Sugar In Grass
Alfalfa Autotoxicity
Forage Grass Toxins & How to Seed or Overseed a Pasture
The Many Advantages of Gypsum

Weed Bulletin - Alsike Clover
Weed Bulletin - Black Nightshade
Weed Bulletin - Buttercup
Weed Bulletin - Giant Hogweed
Weed Bulletin - Horsetail
Weed Bulletin - Tansy Ragwort
Weed Bulletin - Western Water Hemlock

Rodent Controls
Pest Bulletin - Rodent ID

Seed Blends For Pastures

General Pasture
Hay Baler
Horse & Sheep
Horse Lawn
Northern Interior Dryland Mix
Northern Interior Irrigated Mix
Southern Interior Dryland Mix
Southern Interior Irrigated Mix

Custom blends available upon request.