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Greenhouse Grower Information

To find various brochures, fact sheets or Greenhouse Vegetable information on the BC Ministry website, please click HERE

For a copy of our AB & SK Greenhouse Product Listing please click HERE

ReduSystems GreenHouse Climate Control - Research & Innovation Articles
Plant Prod Water Soluble Fertilizers Product Listing
Stella Maris use in Hydroponic Crops
Using Coco Media in Horticulture
Working with the Qlipr Cucumber Hooks
Fiberweb Floating Row Cover Products

BioWorks Tech Sheet
IPM and Biological Control in Greenhouses
Nematodes for WF Thrips & Fungus Gnat Control
Nematodes for Shore Fly Control

Rijk Zwaan Seed Company (RZ) is a leading producter of greenhouse seed. Rijk Zwaan RZ has developed indoor vegatable varieties for an increasing number of climatic and growing conditions.
These varieties are developed at their breeding stations in Spain, France, Hungary, Australia, Turkey and the Netherlands. Apart from developing top varieties, Rijk Zwaan's cultural advisors ensure that the latest cultural methods are used.

Seed is stocked in Abbotsford on all RZ's leading varieties.
Please ask a sales representative for more information on available varieties or for a complete guide to all of RZ's products.
Minimum orders may apply.

Greenhouse Vegetable Highlights - Rijk Zwaan

RZ Rootstock Solanacea
Rijk Zwaan Company Overview

Greenhouse Tomatoes - Rijk Zwaan

RZ Tomato Assortment Booklet 2016-17
RZ Rootstock Solanacea
RZ Florentino Product Leaflet
RZ Taymyr Product Leaflet
RZ Papeletto Product Leaflet
RZ Brioso Product Leaflet
RZ Endeavor Product Leaflet
RZ Endeavor Crop Manual
RZ Endeavor (72-487) Growing Manual
RZ Cocktail Tomatoes Growing Manual

Greenhouse Cucumbers - Rijk Zwaan

RZ Cucumber Assortment Season 2017-2018
RZ Cucumber Mix 2016
RZ Cucumbers Cervello & Winmar
Cucumber Planting Guide
Gherkin Cultivation
Pythium Control in Cucumbers

Greenhouse Sweet Peppers - Rijk Zwaan

RZ Pepper Assortment 2016-17
Growing Tips - Sweet Peppers
Sweet Pepper Mix 2017

Miscellaneous Catalogues

RZ Hydroponic Lettuce Assortment
RZ Organic Catalogue
Eggplant / Aubergine Mix
Mantra Beans Grower Tips