Grower Information

TerraLink offers handy crop guides and information to help professional nursery growers streamline their work and make planning easier for a successful crop all year round. Print your own copies or ask your sales rep for the latest version.

Available online for free is the Nursery & Landscape Pest Management & Production Guide, 2013 edition, click HERE

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  • Other publications are available on the BCLNA website on either the Landscapers or Growers pages. Click HERE and then select which sector you are interested in for more data.

  • Nursery Product Guide
  • Plant Prod Water Soluble Fertilizers Product Listing
  • IPM and Biological Control in Greenhouses
  • Bee Factsheet - Summer Nectar & Floral Sources
  • Using Coco Media in Horticulture
  • Stella Maris Sell Sheet
  • BioWorks Tech Sheet
  • Fiberweb Floating Row Cover Products
  • Sprayer Calibration
  • Christmas Tree Advisor
  • The Many Advantages of Gypsum
  • Custom Limestone Application - Fraser Valley
  • Custom Fertilizer Application - Fraser Valley
  • Nematodes for Black Vine Weevil Control
    Nematodes for WF Thrips & Fungus Gnat Control
    Nematodes for Shore Fly Control
    Nematodes for Leather Jacket - Crane Fly Control

    Weed Bulletin - Alsike Clover
    Weed Bulletin - Black Nightshade
    Weed Bulletin - Buttercup
    Weed Bulletin - Giant Hogweed
    Weed Bulletin - Horsetail
    Weed Bulletin - Tansy Ragwort
    Weed Bulletin - Western Water Hemlock

    Pest Bulletin - Weevils
    Pest Bulletin - Japanese Beetle
    Rodent Controls
    Pest Bulletin - Rodent ID