Help for Flood Affected Farmers

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TerraLink Garden Notes

TerraLink offers handy full color Shelf Talkers to highlight and assist in advertising the Garden Pro line of products in your retail Home & Garden Store. Please contact your Terralink sales rep or our sales desk to get copies for your own use.

To order a copy of the Home & Garden Pest Management Guide for British Columbia, click HERE
To order a copy of the Alberta Yards & Gardens: What to Grow book, click HERE
*Please be advised that not all of our Retail Partners carry all of the products that TerraLink has to offer.
Please contact your local garden centre or call TerraLink directly if you are looking for something specific.

Many agricultural grade chemicals require dispensor or applicator licenses to sell or buy.

TerraLink Retail Home & Garden Catalogue (products sold only through nurseries and garden centres)
Spring Lawn Care
Bee Factsheet - Summer Nectar & Floral Sources
Boxwood Blight - Best Mgmt Practices for Garden Ctrs & Landscapers

Beneficial Nematodes for Landscapers & Gardeners
Nematodes for WF Thrips & Fungus Gnat Control
Nematodes for Shore Fly Control
Nematodes for Leather Jacket - Crane Fly Control